Saturday, July 10, 2010

Pink and Orange Bridesmaid Dresses - Set #1

These pink and orange bridesmaid dresses feature Raspberry silk shantung dresses and persimmon sashes that tied the bridesmaids into the colour scheme. The ladies chose their favourite style for variety. Spotted at The Knot - Australia.

This bridesmaid dress is from Lula Kate.  This style is called "Angela" and it features a strapless Bodice with detached waist band and two-pleat skirt. Shown here in Off-White Shantung Bodice, Vermillion Shantung Band and Persimmon Shantung Skirt.

This next bridesmaid dress is from River Island.  This unique pink and orange bridesmaid dress features the clever use of some brocade and a zip-trim belt (a big nod to Versace) you end up with an upscale dress that could easily pass for designer.

Source: Watters

Source: Watters