Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Pink and Orange Polka Dot Table Number Card (tent style)

Here is a pretty table number card that comes in a customizable border design.  This picture shows an orange border with hot pink polka dots.  You can also get it in a hot pink border with orange polka dots.  Both the border color and the polka dot color are available in 25 colors.

This table number card comes as a do-it-yourself kit that includes a tent-style, plain white table number card (5"x5") + a square adhesive table number label that is affixed to the front of the table number card (you have a choice of creating a one-sided table number card or a two-sided table number card -- for a 2 sided table number card, you would order 2 labels).  This DIY Favor Kit is very easy to assemble.

You can select the background BORDER color (available in your choice of 25 beautiful colors) as well as the color of the POLKA DOTS (also available in your choice of 25 beautiful colors OR white), all of which are surrounded by a thin white border around the perimeter of the personalized label.

The table numbers go from 1 to 50 and are printed in black ink and in Venetian font, and the number is centered on the label.

Free samples are available of the label by email request to this vendor.