Sunday, April 4, 2010

Pink and Orange Personalized Cosmetic Bags

These Personalized Dupioni Silk Cosmetic Bags are a popular item and they come in several lovely shades of pink and Melon Orange, as well as many other colors as shown below. These pretty silk cosmetic bags are made of high-quality dupioni silk on the outside and durable waterproof vinyl inside, for a bridesmaid gift that's perfect for makeup, small gifts, or carrying the day to day essentials required at quick notice in a modern woman's life.
These Dupioni Silk Cosmetic Bags in two sizes, large (9" L X 3" W X 6" H) and small (6" L X 2" W X 4.5" H). Zippered opening comes with matching satin ribbon and elegant monogram initial, for extra stylish flair.